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Out of Area – German Federal Army missions since 1990
January 9, 2009, 2:55 pm
Filed under: International Politics

“Nie wieder Krieg” – a quote basing on a lithography of Käthe Kollwitz in 1924 – “never again war” was a sentence dominating German foreign policies after 1945, counting for both German states the FRG (West), as well the GDR (East).

And, despise both states being bound into the Cold War blocks of power, none of them got directly involved in any war, nor send army unites into other countries, except for non-military missions as support and reconstruction after disasters as earthquakes or floods.

Since 1990 however, when the GDR got integrated into the area of the FRG and following along the complete recognition of the FRG as sovereign state (2 + 4 treaty), there seem to have changed some parameters in German foreign politics. Continue reading