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DEUP Universe: Munat species
March 11, 2009, 12:52 am
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Munat, sometimes referred to as Tuataran are a reptilian humanoid species, originating from the planet Cemuf Ritumav

Homeworld: Cemuf Ritumav
Physical Type: Reptilian humanoid
Average Height: 4′
Average Weight: 65 lb
Average Lifespan: 100 years
Language: no own language known; they mainly speak Seena
Internal Temperature: 17.5°C
Atmospheric Requirements: nitrogen/oxygen
Preferred Atmospheric Pressure: 0.98 atm

* 1 Appearance
* 2 Culture and Behaviour
* 3 Abilities
* 4 9th Millennium

Munat are an artificial created species, basing on the reptilian species known as Seena G’fifarad, with additional genome and looks of the feline-like acting, non sentient Munatey Ba species.
By point of view of their creators, Munat fit in the cultural niche Humans would describe as cat-people.
Their whole body is covered my a soft scale-skin, varying from a dark olive green to a cream light green at chin, throat, chest, stomach, inner arms and legs.
Their spine ends in a rather short, but strong tail.
A line oh spikes is drawn from their forehead along the back, where it splits in two rows of spikes, and then down their tail.
Munat are to some degree rather temperature sensitive.
As most species Munat appear mainly in two different genders, male and female, though they are born and grow up in a genetic and biological state between both. This will not change until the age of 25 when – basing on living standards and behaviour – their body chemistry drastically changes to represent either way a male or a female. Every 20th Munat however stays a neutrum.
Munat males and females do not differ much in looks, but more in behavior. While males appear usually as passive and thoughtful, Munat females show an emotional and protective to aggressive behaviour, especially when about their family.

Culture and Behaviour
Munat have little of an own culture, but have adopted much of the behaviour of the Seena G’fifarad and adapted it to their own needs.
Munat depend very much an an active social interaction and a great family, to be protected by and/or to feel responsible for. Munat family clans base on a constant giving and taking of favours and social gestures, mostly described as a “primitive cuddle-communism”. They are mostly unfamiliar with the idea of a cultural hierarchy.
As much as they lack a complex own cultural background, Munat as well have barely an own religion. They follow the believe of their creators, a nature-bound religion with immaterial spirits of all kind populating their world.
Shamanes are seen as contact person between mortals and the sphere of the spirits.
Lacking an own language, Munat speak Seena, the language of the Seena G’fifarad.

Munat have a biological affection towards using magic. Even the most untalented Munat would have at least an intuitive understanding for magic effects. Well trained and talented Munat can manipulate the mind of others via spells casting and know how to brew potions of the transforming branch of magic.
Munat can feel if magic was used, as an additional sense. It is basing on their “third eye”, a magic-sensitive organ embedded under the skin  above their actual eyes.

9th Millennium
While the Munat of the 20th and 21st century were merely an amusing creation of the Seena G’fifarad and very much depending on them, they eventually replaced them in the 8880’s of a parallel reality.
Their creators got driven almost entirely extinct during the Eternal War and the Munat replaced them as leading reptilian species of the Galaxy. Themselves they see as bewares of their creators’ legacy.


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